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The NISSID database is a database with more than 23,000 SS- and Polizeimembers.
You are able to do an on-line name-search here.

The database is updated almost daily, either with additional or revised data on existing names, or with new names. The information I have on a person can vary from merely date of birth or birthplace to a complete biography of several pages.

This service is primarily provided for people looking for relatives and serious researchers / historians, who are interested in biographical data.

For SS-dagger collectors and other militaria researchers there is information on awards, SS-numbers etc.

Once you've found a name or number you're looking for, you can e-mail me for more info on the relevant person.

If the name you're looking for is not listed, you can register for a search request, or you can place an on line search add.

You can take a look at the list of used sources, or learn more about the information in the database.

To see the latest changes you can check what's new (January 4, 2004), or search this site for anything with "freefind":

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Current number of persons in the database: 23,643 - next update at 24,000

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